1. Requests will be printed according to the specifications and details chosen during the ordering from the site. For special requests, please send the request via the following email to

Note: Specifications change may be subject to change in prices or delivery time

2. The request cannot be changed after the completion of the process, in the event of an amendment at the last minute, please contact customer service. We will attempt to amend your request in the event that the printing has not started.

3. In the event that the customer requests a change of specifications or place of receipt from one branch to another branch, there may be a delay in receiving or an increase in the cost.

4. Printing any design bearing the logo of a government agency requires a letter of signature signed and stamped by the relevant authority.

5. The implementation of the seals requires the sending of a copy of the commercial register, the identity of the owner, and an authorization to Raven for advertising and bringing the original upon receipt.

6. Printing of books or any other publications requires a copy of the certificate of rights (RMDK) and a letter of authorization to Raven for advertising and bringing the original upon receipt.

7. Applications that are made before 12 noon will be started on the same day, and requests made after 12 noon will be executed on the next day. Therefore, the customer is not entitled to request a refund or a request to receive a portion of the publications.

8. We deliver the publications through the approved shipping companies that are the third party in the process and the customer has the right to request the shipment tracking number.

9. The delivery times mentioned in the schedule are estimated. May be affected by involuntary factors that are not subject to legal accountability, such as bad weather, machinery failure, car malfunction, lack of required materials, or delaying the transport company to transfer the publication.

10. Cover and send Raven for publicity and advertising. All publications are in good condition. Therefore, the customer must ensure that there is no damage that may occur during the transfer process, as well as verify the policy before signing.

11. It is the customer's responsibility to check the publications before receiving them and leaving the branch. In the event of an error, Raven Advertising has the right to decide to correct the error, reprint or return the amount. In the event of a difference, a competent third party is referred to the order.

12. Raven Advertising is not responsible for any indirect loss or loss of the third party for any reason. If there is a malfunction in the publications for any reason, including negligence. ZigPrint specific liability for error correction (if any)

13. It is the customer's responsibility to verify the information, colors, and sizes before uploading the file to the site, and the customer is not entitled to request a reprint or refund in case of an error.

14. Raven advertising provides customers with a design service through the site at an additional cost to be paid before design begins.

15. Due to some technical reasons, Raven Advertising does not guarantee color matching, so please contact us before approving the order.

16. We convert design colors to CMYK except as indicated by the client. Raven Advertising does not bear any unwanted result in the event that we do not agree to print special colors.
Note: Specifications change may be subject to change in prices or delivery time.

17. Raven Advertising is not responsible for publications in case of delay in receiving after a maximum period of 30 days from the date of the request.

18. Providing a shelter for advertising and payment by credit card, payment service or PayPal service, which guarantees the customer complete confidentiality during payment.

19. Raven has the right to publicize and advertise prices without any prior notice, and this condition does not apply to requests that are being executed.

20. The discount applies to the cost of printing only, not to the cost of materials.

21. Inquiries are answered during working days from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Otherwise, inquiries will be answered on the following business day.

22. Raven for advertising and publicity is concerned with confidentiality of information in general, with the exception of some cases outside our control, in any case the customer is not entitled to file a complaint or issue or claim a financial fine.